Efficiency through rigorous process organization

Efficient business processes supported by modern information technology have been an integral part of the standards of the LEHVOSS Group since 2001. This means that our core processes such as order processing, purchasing and warehousing as well as the production and quality management process are carried out in a uniform way throughout the Group and we constantly improve the value chain up to the customer. 

Our service unit Processes and IT regularly audits our internal procedures and supports an ongoing improvement and adjustment to new challenges through professional process analyses.

The technological implementation is based on software and hardware which is standardized throughout the Group. With our central infrastructure it is a matter of course for all employees of the LEHVOSS Group to work with the same database and hence to be able to provide our business partners at all times with up-to-date information on the processing status of the orders as well as the inventories.

We give our customers and suppliers the opportunity to be an electronically connected partner in the Supply Chain or to use a B2B solution. For us communication with our customers and suppliers is a priority. Our IT unit operates two parallel data centers for this purpose, which guarantee failure safety. In this way we can always be reached by our customers.